Ways to Prevent Your Dog From Barking

Barking Dog

If you are thinking about the ways you could prevent your dog from barking – then stop right there! You can’t. Plain and simple. But what you can do is to take some steps to reduce the number of times your dog barks or teach him/her some semblance of control. Remember, every dog barks and it is their way of communication, no matter if we appreciate it or not.

Some say dogs will bark. Well, we are completely in agreement with that line of thought too! But, you as a dog owner, cannot be blamed if you get slightly mad at your dog for barking constantly. Their barking, no matter if it is that “yap, yap” or “woof, woof” type, they can get onto your nerves pretty bad. So what should you do in this situation?

We have a good news for you though! Although it is a natural response from dogs, barking that distinct “woof, woof” or “yap, yap” does not necessarily keep the dogs content. On the contrary, barking dogs are a strong sign that your dog is in some type of discomfort. They usually bark to show that they are either stressed or frustrated over something. However, dogs can bark with an extreme level of excitement as well. While the latter cannot be classified as necessarily harmful, they are not desirable either.

They usually bark to show that they are either stressed or frustrated over something. However, dogs can bark with an extreme level of excitement as well.

On top of that, remember that these sorts of emotions are not something that you would want your dogs to go through. And these are not good for your eardrums or your nerves either! Always try to keep it in your mind that if your dog stays relaxed or content, your dog will not bark.

There are things you can do to keep your dogs from barking unnecessarily. In order to do that, we first must understand why they bark. Let us try to take a specific barking type and work our way through there!

There are plenty of dogs who bark at home due to the absence of their owners. This is a common problem. Especially because most of these owners are not aware of their dogs’ predicament unless a neighbor or a pet control officer pays a visit. But nobody wants that to happen, right? So what you can do? You can try to understand the reason behind your dog’s barking so that you can avoid the occurrence of such incidents. Find out and address what’s causing your dog to bark rather than just going for the treatment measure all guns blazing!

The first key to success: try to see it from your dog’s perspective. Imagine.

You have a dog named Barry. Now, Barry is basically an animal that is used to living in packs and therefore by default, it understands the concept of leaders and the followers.

Now Barry considers you as his pack and therefore, it is his duty to protect you by any means necessary. That’s his first instinct.

Now think of a situation when you all have left the house but left Barry behind. Of course, we understand you have a job to do. But just try to think of it from Barry’s perspective. Barry becomes stressed because he thinks his pack has left him. This is the primary reason dogs bark. It is their way of calling you to come back to them. It is in their nature. They can’t really help it.

So now you understand why most of the time your dogs will bark when you are not home. They care about you and your safety and, because they can’t find you, they become stressed!

There is another way to understand the situation here. Just like if you had a child of around 2-3 years of age, then your primary job would be to keep your child from any sort of difficulties and dangers and therefore, in order to do that, you would like to keep them under your watchful gaze most of the time. If she/he is inside your home and playing around in front of you, you stay content and relaxed that your child is safe. But imagine what would be your reaction if you suddenly find that your child has gone out the door and left you locked up within the house somehow? What would be your response?

You would definitely try to chase after your child, calling out their name. The longer they are gone, the more your stress starts to increase and the louder you call for them.

This is the exact thing dogs do when they find themselves in similar situation.

Think about all the really annoying stuff dogs usually do when you are away such as destroying things or chewing things up. Remember, Barry doesn’t know how to communicate except barking!

Certainly it won’t help to try and distract them from the real problem by offering them treats or toys. You wouldn’t offer chocolates to somebody who’s missing his children would you?

Treats or toys will not be a long term solution for your dog even though they might provide some temporary relief. But let’s try a simpler solution.  Role reversal.

Treats or toys will not be a long term solution for your dog even though they might provide some temporary relief.

Be the leader of your pack. Let your dog become your follower.

What will this do? Barry won’t feel the constant need to protect you all the time, because he’s a follower, not a leader! Since he is not the leader anymore, he does not have the duty of protecting you. Look at that! You got your dog to relax.

So the solution is to know how you can get on board with becoming a pack leader for your dog. That’s not complicated at all but it does take a bit of training. For this reason, you can visit Doggy Dan’s website, where you can see how he has explained how dog owners can become pack leaders and prevent their dogs from unwanted barking. The site even contains a $1 trial.

However, we can provide you the following tips that you can use along with the above guide that you can receive from the said site:

  • Make your dog exercise a lot. This will make your dog tired and studies show that a relaxed dog is a tired dog.
  • Try out different places to keep your dog that are more suitable for your particular dog. Different dogs have different relaxing spaces.
  • Make sure your dog is fed properly and is in a warm state before you leave home.
  • Make sure your dog is not left with bones. But toys are fine.
  • You can also keep your TV or music device on for your dog to keep him distracted while you’re away.
  • You can also use some herbal solutions to keep your dog relaxed, but we don’t recommend them too much.
  • If your office is nearby, consider walking your dog in the mealtime if possible.
  • Leave your home calmly after properly bidding goodbye to your dog. Give him time to adjust.
  • You can also use some of those comfort jackets for your dogs to help them relax.


However, there is a popular misconception that getting your dog a partner is the solution to barking dogs. But that’s not the case ! As we explained earlier, it is not boredom that makes your dog bark. It is stress. Having a companion dog won’t make a difference. In fact, it might make the problem worse.

The best way to get your dog to stop barking is Doggy Dan’s website. Ever heard of the term separation anxiety?  This is the heart of the problem and it is addressed thoroughly on Doggy Dan’s site. Don’t wait until your neighbors call Animal Control to do something about the problem.

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