The Biggest and Costliest Mistake Puppy Owners Make

Seven week old golden retriever puppy outdoors on a sunny day.

Don’t make the mistake that so many puppy owners are making today. This mistake is far too common and far too serious to ignore.

enrolling their new puppies into puppy pre-school, puppy training classes and will then, later, possibly move on to to dog obedience training classes.

they end up with good, well-behaved dogs who are safe and under control.

What people tend to learn at obedience school is how to get their dogs to follow commands in a sterile environment. But the really important information is often completely overlooked.

What you want is a method of training that works when they are young and then continues to work as your dog grows up.

Expert dog trainer, Doggy Dan, owner of the Online Dog Trainer site actually addresses this issue in one of his videos. See it here. CLICK HERE

Her is just a small excerpt from it:

“I received this email yesterday and I decided that it was too important for me not to share with you because it could save you from a lot of heart ache and wasted money. Here is a classic example of a lovely lady who’s spent hundreds of dollars puppy training and is now looking for help. Total cost of training so far is probably close to $500! Now she is wanting help to understand how to stop the following serious issues: BARKING, GROWLING, FIXATIONS, NIPPING FOR ATTENTION, CAN’T RELAX, FOLLOWING EVERYWHERE.

Here is her email to me:

“Hi there,

For my 30th birthday last year I got a little puppy who, for the most part, has been well behaved. She has done a couple of puppy schools and training classes where she did very well and showed she was a quick learner. However, over the last few months (she is now 1 and a quarter) her behavior has been getting worse.

Here is a list of her issues at the moment:
- Barking & growling. She is constantly growling out the windows at nothing in particular, anything can set her off – birds, the neighbors chickens, people next door, trees moving, rustling in the bush, dogs down on the beach, kids toys on the lawn next door and imaginary things. Once she starts barking she seems to get fixated on it. This is her biggest problem and it is so frustrating not only to us but I am sure to the neighbors as well. As well as barking at things outside, when she wants attention she will growl/bark/nip at me (only does this with mainly me, sometimes other family members. Is very cuddly at the park with other people).
- She is unable to occupy herself and is constantly following me around. She does not seem to know how to relax and chill out.
- Because of her barking, we can’t leave her outside by herself, as she will just bark non-stop.

She has a sweet personality but the barking and attention seeking is very draining and I would like to be able to enjoy having her around again and I am sure she would be happier if she were more independent and relaxed.

Do you think you would be able to come and help us get our lovely little girl back?”

Thanks, Christine Wakefield and Poppy


“I felt so bad for this lady because she spent so much time, effort and money training her dog to sit, lay down, and stay, and yet her dog has behavior problems. So I ask you again…what was the point of puppy pre-school and puppy training?

The thing that is missing is nobody explained to this new puppy owner the importance of becoming the pack leader, and this is real cause of all these issues… Barking, following the owner, unsettled, nipping etc.”

I , myself learned the value of becoming the pack leader with my own dog. Dogs have a natural instinct to be part of a pack and that pack must have a leader to make the decisions. If the dog does not see anyone else as the pack leader, he thinks he is the pack leader and will bark or growl to protect the property, follow their owners around to protect them etc.

You need to gain your dog’s respect so that he sees you as the pack leader and then he can relax because you are in charge. Once your dog sees you as the pack leader, he will listen to you and be easier to train.

Doggy Dan’s video website The Online Dog Trainer is the best site I’ve come across that covers all aspects of dog training and curbing behavioral problems. CLICK HERE

What’s more, Dan offers a 3 Day $1 trial of the site that YOU can take advantage of, so I suggest the next thing you do today is take a look inside the site!

Need help training your pooch?
Here is a great resource full of video guides that will make it easy. Click here >>

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