How to Stop Your Dog From Digging

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Dogs dig for a lot of reasons and you need to understand that your dog is not digging to spite you.

If you don’t clearly communicate to your dog that his digging is unacceptable behavior, he won’t even realize that he is doing anything “wrong”.

Before you can stop your dog from digging holes, you need to determine the reason why your dog is digging in the first place. It could be:

  • He simply likes to dig.
  • He is seeking your attention.
  • He is bored and digs for mental and physical stimulation.
  • If your dog is digging under the fence he may be trying to get out to search for a mate.
  • Dogs often dig in freshly turned dirt (like your flower bed!).
  • Dogs are often attracted to fertilized dirt – the smell of fertilizer is irresistible to some dogs.
  • To cool themselves down or warm themselves up.
  • He is hunting for some little critters that live in your garden.

Dog training expert Doggy Dan recommends a few ways to stop your dog from digging.

  1. If your dog has a favorite spot he likes to dig you can bury a brick just under the surface of this area. When your dog starts to dig he won’t like the feeling of his paws scraping along the brick. I’ve used this method myself, and found that it worked well for my little pug who loved to dig!
  2. If you’ve got the room a great solution for both you and your dog is to provide him with a digging area. You can actually encourage your dog to dig in this designated area. Fill it with nice soft sand and bury some of your dog’s favorite treats in it. Most dogs figure out that if they want to dig, they must go to this area.
  1. It is a pack leader issue. Your dog could be digging to try to escape the property to find you. Dogs see it as their job to protect you and look after you. Many dogs will simply become stressed when they are left and channel their stress into digging, anywhere.

Destructive behavior such as chewing is the same thing, they are simply stressed as they think that their job is to protect and look after you. When you establish that you are the one in control, they will relax when you are not around.

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